Identity Governance

Our Identity Governance solutions address challenges your company may experience in managing the following user account challenges:

  • Orphaned accounts: Accounts which cannot be correlated with an authoritative source pose a risk in your environment. Impossible to manage their revocation or their entitlements.
  • Dormant accounts: Accounts which are not removed timeously when no longer required. Risk posed through allowing access to systems to those who have left or changed roles within the organisation.
  • Privileged accounts: Accounts not linked to a person with administrative permissions and whose password is rarely changed. You can never be sure who could access sensitive information.
  • Cloud access: Users with accounts in cloud based services which are not managed under corporate security policy, sometimes using the same credentials. Exposes your corporate credentials out into third party platforms and increases the risk of exposure of sensitive corporate information.

We have many innovative solution offerings to assist your organisation with understanding the scale of the risk these challenges may present.

  • Privileged Account Audit: An audit service performed over 4 weeks during which software tools are used to identify privileged accounts in your Microsoft Infrastructure and where these credentials have been hard coded.
  • Identity Governance Risk Assessment: An audit service performed over 4 weeks during which software tools are used to identify the risk posed by: orphaned, dormant, privileged and cloud accounts.

We have many solutions to help you remediate these challenges and continuously prevent them from re-occurring.

  • Identity Management: Automate the provisioning and revocation of user accounts across IT infrastructure and business applications based upon triggers from authoritative sources.
  • Privileged Account Management: Manage the dissemination of the password, limiting the duration that an administrator knows passwords and ensuring an audit history of who has had access to the account.
  • Access Management for Cloud Applications: Provisioning and revocation of accounts in third party SaaS applications, and federation with your corporate directory for SSO.