data governance

Our Access Governance solutions address challenges your company may experience in managing the following challenges with managing users access to unstructured data found in Windows Files Shares, Sharepoint and Exchange:

  • Sensitive Data: is it possible to identify sensitive data in file shares and Microsoft SharePoint? Examples include: customer data, personal information, payment card details, etc.
  • Permissions to Data: can you identify where inappropriate or excessive permissions have been granted to unstructured data?
  • Audit Trails: have you got a clear audit trail of access to sensitive unstructured data? Can you interpret the native events in your Windows File and SharePoint infrastructure?
  • Data Ownerships: can you identify who the real owners are of sensitive information in unstructured data locations?

To assist your organisation to understand the scale of the risk by a lack of governance of unstructured data, Ubusha offer an Unstructured Data Audit. During this audit service, performed over 3 months, we work with software tools to discover sensitive information, information owners, permissions assigned, over exposed permissions and to recommend remedial steps to correct this. Specific assessments for POPI and PCI-DSS are available.

We assist organisations implement Data Governance solutions. These solutions provide for classification of sensitive information in unstructured data locations, consolidation of permissions to this information and building an audit trail of access. They also allow for reporting, modelling and remediation of access to sensitive unstructured data.