Access governance

Our Access Governance solutions address challenges your company may experience in managing the following challenges with managing users access to IT applications:

  • Entitlement Creep: due to the fact that user access is never reviewed, a user gathers more and more access as their length of employment continues, this leads to inappropriate and conflicting access, increasing the risk of fraud.
  • Risk Exposure: due to a lack of understanding by IT of the risk posed by various access, it is impossible to focus on those with access which pose significant risk to the organisation.
  • Policy Violations: conflicting access which, when assigned together to the same end user, provides an ability to perform actions which allow for possible fraudulent situations.
  • Entitlements for Roles: an ability to link access to job function so that we can identify entitlements which are not relevant to a users current position.

We have a number of innovative solution offerings to assist your organisation understand the scale of the risk these challenges may present.

  • Identity & Access Governance Risk Assessment: An audit service performed over 4 weeks during which software tools are used to identify the risk posed by identity and access governance challenges.
  • Access Governance Quick Start: during a quick start engagement an access governance tool is implemented and configured to manage the access governance challenges across 5 business applications. This engagement is delivered in a three calendar month period and demonstrates an immediate return on investment.

We assist organisations to implement Access Governance solutions. These solutions provide a consolidation of user account and access information to allow for regular reporting, reviewing and requesting of access, along with a better understanding of risk, policy violations and role modelling.