The Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act deems that control of access to information is a key issue of focus, requiring far better levels of governance than is usually in place within organisations. Understanding its importance, Mutual & Federal – South Africa’s oldest short-term insurer – chose to put measures in place early on, to meet the requirements of this forthcoming act. Michael Steyn, the company’s manager of IT security, says that initially, the steps
By MARIUS AGENBAG, Managing Director “The uncertainty of not knowing what risks exist is far worse than being aware of them, and thus being able to mitigate them” When it comes to the critical matter of the security risks facing your business, the only thing worse than being conscious of the numerous risks that exist is not having any idea whatsoever. When it comes to matters of identity governance, access governance and data governance in
By Andrew Whittaker, Practice Lead The Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) act is about ensuring the personal information of your employees, partners and customers is relevant and managed securely. In essence, you shouldn’t have any information about someone beyond that which you require for your business. Equally, you must take every reasonable measure to secure that information. For IT companies, this means the access to sensitive information in an organisation needs to be managed on an ongoing
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