Transformation and B-BBEE Rating


"Ubusha has come a long way since inception and has walked the path of transformation resulting in a company with strong leadership and strong vision going into the future. Knowledge building and skill transfer as well as selecting the correct BEE partners was key to Ubusha's transformation plans. Ubusha today score maximum points on Ownership, Control and Affirmative procurement and expect to see improvement in the future as a result of our current skills development plans."
Marius Agenbag (Managing Director)

B-BBEE Rating
May 2012,
Ubusha Technologies has been issued with a Scorecard Verification Report and B-BBEE Verification Certificate for 2012-2013 where it achieved a Level 3 Contributor (AA) Rating. In addition, Ubusha Technologies has also achieved recognition as a "Value Adding Enterprise". 

  EMPOWERDEX Rating Level 3 Contributor
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Scorecard        Verification Report and B-BBEE Verification Certificate

Ubusha is very pleased with its Empowerdex Level 3 Contributor and Value Added Enterprise rating and what this equates to in terms of B-BBEE procurement recognition for our customers.