SaaS, as a concept, forms
an integral part of "Cloud Based Computing" and offers the client the freedom to focus on their core business and leave the delivery of secure, anytime, anywhere enterprise office services to a trusted service provider. SaaS provides enterprises with access to technology enabled applications over the internet - in essence the user is provided access to common business applications through a web browser which also removes any need for the user to have knowledge of the technology or infrastructure hosting the service.

The software provided is owned, managed and delivered by a service provider external to the enterprise using the service. The data and information is also managed by the SaaS service provider, removing the technical management and maintenance of the service and data from the enterprise to the service provider. SaaS is a subscription based service where the enterprise pays for the use of the applications or storage facilities used.

Services offered include:
  • Access to email and calendering services
  • Access to online applications (spreadsheets and documents)
  • Collaborative access to information and applications
  • Operating System independent, browser based access
  • Accessible from mobile devices
  • Secure online access to information
  • Information and applications are accessible from anywhere at anytime.

Some of the benefits derived from moving to a SaaS environment include:
  • A reduction in IT costs
  • A reduced service administration costs
  • Increased ROI
  • Competitive SLA and pricing models
  • A move away from "vendor lock-in"
  • Scalability bottlenecks are reduced
  • Information and service availability is enhanced
  • Improved service reliability

Ubusha Technologies offers an end-to-end SaaS service through its partnership with one of the leaders in the Cloud Based Computing and SaaS environments. Please refer to our Contact Us page for contact details should further information be required concerning SaaS or Cloud Based Computing.