Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

Our Knowledge Management solutions aim to address Information Governance compliance by providing clients a set of multi-disciplinary solutions that assist them in the following requirements:

  •  Records Management: We assist clients with framework solutions that help them manage records internally in the organisation through their life-cycle. This allows clients to comply to Governance and Compliance requirements that dictate the use and storage policies.

  •  Electronic Content/Document Management: We provide clients with platform services that allow them to automate and manage content/document creation and management in their organisations.

  •  Business Process Management: Our Solutions assist clients in mapping and automating business processes in their organisations. This allows business to be more responsive and provides an audit-able layer for the entire business process.

  •  Intranet/Collaborative PortalsEnterprise Portals are web sites that aggregate information across the entire organization for groups within the organization such as project teams.

  •  GroupWare: We provide clients with Groupware solutions which facilitate collaboration and content sharing across enterprises. We ensure our clients engage in collaborative technologies that assist them whilst maintaining security and compliance standards.

  •  Workflow Management: In conjunction with our Business Process Management section, Workflow Management offers the integration of Forms and automation from an input and output perspective. Business processes can be mapped and the workflow outlines the data-flow through a organisation.