Increasingly, workforces are becoming more mobile and greater capacity is required to meet business services needs while new technologies are becoming more commonplace that takes the delivery of IT services beyond the traditionally tightly managed firewalled environments and into the cloud. Breaches in security are increasing and are more difficult to detect and compliance requirements are becoming more demanding.

A new model is therefore required that can manage workload demands intelligently and seamlessly, providing enterprises with capacity and hiding complexity while still maintaining tight control over data and identities and that comply with stricter corporate and regulatory statutes.

Enter Intelligent Workload Management...

A workload is an integration of, in most part, an application, some middleware, possibly a database and an operating system which is dedicated to a specific task. The workload should be able to perform its function either as a physical, virtual or cloud based firewalled service without the user having to know where the service is hosted.

The intelligence comes in where the workload can:
  • Determine for itself the environment it should run in be it physical, virtual or cloud based.
  • Be aware of capacity restriction, relocating to alternative resources where necessary,
  • Ensure the business user is not burdened by knowledge of the environment chosen to work in
  • The appropriate security and access controls are in place before access is granted and that the activities performed are logged and comply with corporate and regulatory statutes.
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