Securing Privileged User Accounts

What's involved in securing privileged user accounts across the organisation?

To effectively manage security within a data centre, the privileged user accounts (root and super user) used to administer and manage the environment must automatically be secured throughout the organisation. No matter the size of the organisation, security breaches are a concern for both business and IT. Securing the organisation, its business infrastructure and maintaining identity and data integrity and security should be a top priority for both business and IT Management.

By securing the privileged user accounts ensures that not only is security around these accounts elevated but activities can be monitored, managed, audited and reported upon. This ensures both a secure environment and compliance with corporate and regulatory requirements are met. In essence, securing the privileged user accounts access and automatically tracking usage determines and limits super user and root access and how that access is used.

What tool set is used to secure the Super User and Root User accounts?

An intuitive, robust and scalable console based administration and analysis tool is used to manage Root and Super User usage.This tool set can be customised to individual administrator or auditor levels where the individual is presented with a dashboard or console that provides a graphical view of the data required - e.g Auditors are presented with an easy to view graphical console during audit reviews.

Privileged account usage is tracked and colour coded. Breaches are be picked up in real-time and proactive action can be taken by administrators viewing a dashboard or console tailored to the monitoring of security related breaches linked to the root or super user accounts across the organisation.

Benefits of securing privileged user accounts
  • It limits the access to and the use of, root and super user accounts
  • Manages the root and super user accounts effectively and efficiently
  • Logs the use of these accounts across the organisation
  • Reduces the exposure of super user and root accounts to unauthorised use
  • Is central to audit and compliance requirements (logs & tracks all activity)
  • Reduces cost, risk and complexity associated with managing the privileged user accounts
  • Secures Linux, Unix and certain Windows systems