Information has become critical to the success of any business. Tremendous amounts of information are being collected, processed and stored on electronic computers, and transferred across networks to other computers. Should confidential information about a business’ customers or finances or new product line fall into the hands of a competitor, such a breach of security could lead to serious negative consequences.

Helping enterprises manage access to this information is the aim of Ubusha Technologies and we do this by building the client an integrate and modular framework for protection of access to information allowing an organisation to centrally control and monitor the essential elements in information protection. 

Linking identity management and access governance

At the heart of protection of access to information is the linking the identities in an organisation to the access they require, and coupling this functionality with the mechanism to frequently review that the granted access is still valid.

An integrated access governance solution (AGS) provides the technology and processes to ensure that users can request access, line managers can approve requests, and assignments can be easily reviewed periodically. The practice of information security, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity and non-repudiation of information is a business requirement. Each of these principals needs to be applied to information in each of the typical layers in typically found in an enterprise IT environment.

Tight integration with other protection of access to information controls (such as automated user account provisioning and privileged user management) allows the AGS to become compliance dashboard for protection of access to information.

Enterprise applications typically store confidential customer information within a group of databases usually hosted on different operating systems. To secure an enterprise IT environment effectively, access must be managed at all levels: from the operating system and across systems in a cohesive manner coupled with the application of standard processes, policies and technology.

An Access Governance Solution...
The solutions offered by Ubusha Technologies allow your organisation to centrally control and monitor the essential elements in information protection. These include the user accounts and passwords, the roles assigned to personnel and access to information, the transactions being performed, and privileged user accounts with administrative access to information systems.

The technologies and methodology for controlling and monitoring these elements may differ between the layers of your IT environment, but all Ubusha solutions are integrated tightly with the ultimate aim of presenting an organisation with a centralised ability to request, approve, provision, revoke, de-provision,  review, authenticate, authorise, single-sign on, audit, report on access to information.