Identity and Access Management provides a framework for managing, integrating and trusting user identities across multiple systems in an automated, modular and regulatory compliant environment...more


Security conscious enterprises are deploying Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems, often integrated with their Identity Management systems which effectively address security concerns...more


Data Centres provide a centralised and secure environment for an enterprise's IT infrastructure and are the responsible for providing secure IT services to all enterprise users..more

An Access Governance Solution (AGS) links identities in an organisation to the access required, and from then onwards provides for frequent reviews to ensure these accesses are still valid and the risk of toxic combinations of access is managed...more


Privileged User Management (PUM) allows organisations to manage the access to information a user has at a command level across Windows, Linux and Unix server operating systems, by controlling the access assigned to non-named administrative accounts (root, sa, administrator)...more