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Gerard Taylor from Ubusha wins sort after Global CNI of the year award

Certified Novell Instructor of the Year – Global

Gerard Taylor, of Ubusha Technologies

South Africa

The CNI of the Year has been awarded based on MTM feedback, compliance with the CNI program requirements and teaching current Novell technologies. Gerard has taught an outstanding number of students while maintaining an excellent standard of course delivery.

"Gerard Taylor has been awarded the prestigious title of Certified Novell Instructor of the Year 2008. This award recognises Gerards dedication to teaching a wide range of the latest Novell technologies and the effort he has made to ensure that his students receive quality training which meets or exceeds their requirements. The constant high level of satisfaction demonstrated in the student feedback collected by Novell, along with Gerards continuing achievement in obtaining Novell certifications and meeting the requirements of the Certified Novell Instructor program is recognized in this well deserved award."

MaryJo Swenson, Executive Director - Technical Training Services Novell

"This is a remarkable achievement for Gerard, especially if taken into acount that this is a global award that he competed for against the best in the world. We are all very proud of Gerard, he worked extremely hard for this recognition!" Marius Agenbag, Managing Director Ubusha Technologies