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Novell REDucates Partners at Annual Summit

Novell South Africa recently hosted the company’s annual REDucation summit at the Champagne Sports Resort in the Drakenburg from 23 to 25 June 2006. The summit aims to familiarise and educate Novell’s new and existing partners with the company’s range of solutions and strategies. The summit also offers a unique opportunity for partners to engage with Novell and each other in an interactive way.

This year saw 103 of Novell’s valued partners attending the summit for training sessions on Novell's guiding strategy, Identity Management solutions, Linux and open source, resource management and collaboration technologies, while taking the opportunity to build valuable relationships.

The summit hosted an award ceremony where top Novell partners are identified. This year’s winners included NetCB for best Innovative Partner, BCX for best New Partner, Smartsource for Training Partner of the year, DynaTech for Regional Partner of the year, LSD for Rooky Partner of the year and Ubusha Technology as overall winner in the Partner of the Year category.

Says Matthew Costello, managing director for Smartsource, “The event was fantastic and well attended, which is a positive sign of the health of the Novell ecosystem. Not only traditional partners were there, but also new partners that are beginning to bring Novell offerings to their clients.”

“From Smartsource’s point of view, it is rewarding to see the fruition of work started two years ago at the outset of our engagement with Novell,” he adds. “We now see Novell coming to the fore more and more; not only in the open source arena, but also in the company’s other tools and solutions, such and ZENworks and Identity Management.”

He says it is remarkable to see what partners are capable of achieving in working with Novell. “Smartsource, for example, has managed to set the level of local Novell training in South Africa to that of our international counterparts, benchmarking service levels here with those achieved in America and Europe,” he enthuses. “It was also great to see what other Novell partners have managed to achieve.”

Costello concludes that Smartsourrce enjoyed seeing partners at the summit being recognised as experts in their field. “It reminded us once again what can be achieved by a vendor with a sound channel model and strong partnerships,” he says.

Marius Agenbag, managing director of Ubusha Technology echoes Costello’s sentiments. “Winning the award for best partner was obviously the highlight of the event for Ubusha,” he quips. “As a primarily services-based company, this means a lot to us as a company, because everyone working for Ubusha contributed to the company’s success. We are grateful for the opportunity Novell provides Ubusha to play in this space.”

Agenbag says that the summit was a good opportunity for partners to network and meet with other companies. “It is a great opportunity for us to form partnerships with other companies in the space and also to meet with Novell staff.”

Says Trish Barwick, channel manager for Novell SA, “It was great to see so many Novell partners at this years REDucation, it is the partners who made the event such a success. There has been strong investment in the partnerships from both Novell and our partners, and this investment is paying off through profitable business and many new deals.”

Press Contacts: Trish Barwick; Marketing & Channel Manager; Novell SA; (011) 322-8300; Craig Rodney; Emerging Media Communications; (011) 792-4378;