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Ubusha Technologies attains Novell Linux Specialisation status

- Contribution to Linux and Novell recognised

2 September 2005

Ubusha Technologies, a market leader in the open source environment, provider of full-service solutions to the local and international corporate market and Novell Platinum Partner, has recently attained Linux Specialisation status from Novell.

As part of its ongoing focus on Linux and identity services, as well as the development of its channel partners, Novell has developed numerous Specialisation area programmes for which Platinum Partners can qualify and be recognised.

These Specialisations cover one or more areas of Novell technology; and the Linux Specialisation attained by Ubusha Technologies covers Novell Open Enterprise server and SUSE Linux Enterprise server technology.

This is according to Marius Agenbag, MD of Ubusha Technologies.

In addition to this latest achievement, Ubusha Technologies is also the first Platinum Partner to meet the qualification criteria for the Platinum Partner Programme in South Africa; as well as having recently been nominated for the Novell Partner of the Year Award, Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region.

“The Specialisation, qualification as the first Novell Platinum Partner and recent nomination for Novell EMEA Partner of the Year achievements all bear testimony to the substantial pool of Linux skills which we have built up over the years; and also to the many customer reference sites where we have successfully input on the strategy, architecture and implementation of Linux in the business environment,” Agenbag comments.

Aptronics, a full service IT solutions provider to the local corporate market, acquired Ubusha Technologies earlier this year. Aptronics’ strength lies in the deployment and implementation of solutions, and the company required a partner that was equally strong in the Linux and Open Source consulting arena.

“These achievements are also recognition of Ubusha’s status as an international industry innovator in terms of their contribution to Novell’s strategy and architecture, through the development of the Novell Services Management Framework,” says Appie Pema, MD of Aptronics.

“The contribution to Novell and indeed to the further development of Linux and Open Source as a whole cannot be over-emphasised, “ comments Stafford Masie, Managing Director of Novell South Africa.

“Attaining the Linux Specialisation status, as well as becoming the first of our local Platinum Partners to successfully meet our qualification criteria, and also their nomination as Novell EMEA Partner of the Year all demonstrate the exceptional track record of technology and skills development – not to mention dedication to the development of the industry - which Ubusha Technologies has,” Masie concludes.


About Ubusha Technologies: Ubusha Technologies is the South African leader in fields of identity management, management services framework implementation and IT rollout planning, using open source technologies wherever possible. Ubusha Technologies was recently acquired by the leading black empowered corporate IT services provider Aptronics, which owns a 51 % majority shareholding in the company. Through this acquisition, Ubusha has become one of the foremost BEE open source companies in the South African market. For more information visit our website at