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Open Source Market leader Ubusha Technologies to maintain individual identity after its acquisition

Ubusha Technologies, a market leader in the open source environment, Novell Platinum Partner and provider of full-service solutions to the local and international corporate market, will be retaining its own branding and identity going forward, after its recent acquisition by Aptronics.

Ubusha is justifiably acknowledged by the corporate market both locally and internationally as a market leader in the open source, management services, identity management, resource management and infrastructure software arenas.

For this reason, the company will continue to focus on these key strategic and operational areas of strength - and will continue to be run as a separate entity in terms of its established market branding and identity.

This is according to Appie Pema, Managing Director of Aptronics.

Aptronics, a local fully integrated corporate IT solutions and service provider, announced at the end of February 2005 that it had acquired a majority stake in Ubusha Technologies.

“We are very excited by this development – as it represents a substantially beneficial synergy for both companies and our customers,” comments Marius Agenbag, Managing Director of Ubusha Technologies.

“Ubusha means ‘the beginning of something new’, and we are confident that, in acquiring this company, Aptronics will benefit greatly from the extension of its market footprint into new areas, that of the management services arena and end to end services, especially in the open source space.

“Equally Aptronics, which is very strong in the deployment and implementation of solutions, will also strengthen our market offering,” Agenbag adds.

“Aptronics was not only looking for a BEE partner with strong open source environment skills; but one which shares our absolute dedication to the highest levels of client service, integrity and professionalism,” Pema comments.

"We are very excited about the acquisition of Ubusha by Aptronics. This will result in the establishment of one of our most competent delivery partners in all aspects of our solutions,” maintains Stafford Masie, Managing Director of Novell in South Africa.

“Their BEE profiling and senior management IT services experience, linked to the highest level of Novell skills in the country, definitely slots them into my most strategic partner realm. My vision for Novell South Africa's growth is not by adding headcount to the local office, but rather establishing organic growth in our partnering ecosystem,” Masie points out.

“Ubusha Technologies, with its high professional standards and excellent reputation, represents an excellent fit with Aptronics in terms of business ethics, philosophy and outlook,” Aptronics’ Pema continues.

“We are therefore very proud of Ubusha Technologies’ strong market identity and reputation, and aim to sustain and build on this, to the mutual benefit of both our companies, going forward.

Together, Aptronics and Ubusha Technologies will partner to provide the most innovative BEE IT services organisation in the South African market, providing full service solutions to our clients’ business challenges,” Pema concludes.

ABOUT UBUSHA TECHNOLOGIES: Ubusha Technologies is a black empowered market leader in the South African open source environment, a Novell Platinum Partner and a provider of full-service solutions to the local and international corporate market.

Ubusha, which means 'the beginning of something new', focuses on empowering our clients to innovate, through the provision of the following services: Identity management, Management Services, Resources Management and Infrastructure Software offerings.

Ubusha Technologies is owned by the leading black empowered corporate IT services provider Aptronics. For more information visit our website at

ABOUT APTRONICS: Aptronics is one of South Africa's few truly black-empowered corporate IT Service Providers. We are committed to delivering integrated, innovative IT solutions that respond to the challenge of today's evolving and dynamic market, and which increase our customers' competitive edge through the addition of operational value.

Aptronics is a close-knit team of highly skilled, certified professionals providing products, service and skilled support to numerous corporate clients. We have in addition established strategic business partnerships with world-renowned vendors.

Our total solution area does not only encompass the provision of hardware platforms and software applications, but also initial consulting and customer needs analysis through to liaison with customer staff members and installations. Visit our website at


Appie ‘Anil’ Pema Managing Director Aptronics 011 – 5770800 or

Marius Agenbag Managing Director Ubusha Technologies 011 – 326 0843 or

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Author: Kedal Hunt