Manageable Identity
The Evolution of Identity Management

Ubusha's Julie Wagstaff featured in the April edition of Hi-Tech Security Solutions magazine in an article entitled "Manageable Identity" where she explores the evolution of identity management.

In the article, Julie discussed the importance of identity management in today's business environment where managing identities has moved away from being a technology driven service to a business and compliance necessity.

Until recently, business leaders were of the opinion that the value derived from identity management services did not justify the cost of the service or its implementation. However, with the international drive towards regulatory compliance and corporate governance and a driving need to reduce risks associated with identity or information loss or theft, C-level leaders are again turning to identity management solutions for answers to the pressures being applied from all quarters.

Julie stresses to business leaders that when looking at identity management solutions, they should insist on services that are flexible in respect to provisioning of accounts and access to applications and data, and should also have the ability to manage and attest access on a regular basis by employing a simplified set of compliant business processes across all systems and data in a cost justifable manner.

To read the full article, a copy is available for download by clicking on the article image above. The "Manageable identity" article has been reproduced here with the kind permission of Technews Publishing (PTY) Ltd.