Understanding why good governance is a necessity in the Cloud, a session with Martin D. Friedrickson

NetIQ and Ubusha Technologies played host to world-renowned security expert, Martin D. Fredrickson, at an organised Access Governance event recently in Johannesburg, South Africa.

In his second South African appearance, Fredrickson provided delegates with the benefit of his specialist knowledge on why it was essential for businesses today to be proactive in adopting corporate governance, especially where the current trend was towards the wholesale adoption of cloud technologies for enterprise application service delivery.

Friedrickson, highlighted the risks faced by businesses in 2012 where 80% of corporate applications were now cloud based as compared to 6% in 2006. Coupled with an exponential increase in global regulatory controls, businesses are now faced with a daunting task in respect to governance and compliance. View an online article by IT-Online entitled Corporate IT governance is essential covering the highlights from the session with Martin D. Friedrickson.

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