Our experience indicates that the business market increasingly uses high-level consulting experts for professional and independent advice.

This presents excellent opportunities for Ubusha Technologies as our customers expect to interact with, and have access to, highly skilled, professional, stable and committed long-term business partners.

Ubusha Technologies focuses its efforts on the corporate market (large- to medium-sized companies) both locally and internationally.Our customers have a presence in both the public and private sectors.

"The complex solution at Vodacom was one of several key customer wins that was made possible only through the great partnership with Ubusha”  - Dan Veitkus Vice President Channels & Alliances, Novell EMEA

Thanks to the (Ubusha) Identity Management solution, UCT can now automatically provision 5000 to 6000 students across all our relevant systems in a matter of seconds once their information has been captured.  The system has eliminated the need for manual interventions during the registration process, serving its purpose of reducing administration costs” - Prags Naicker Executive Director of Information and Communication Technology, UCT

With Ubusha Technologies’ assistance, we have taken a good hard look at our business processes, authentication, tracking and overall security policies; and embarked on an identity management strategy which will not only simplify the working life of GSSC employees and employees within the Gauteng local government, but will ensure that governance is maintained at all levels" - Lemmy Chappie, CIO of the GSSC.

 "We knew that success would depend not only on good technology but also on strong local skills - Novell and its partner Ubusha Technologies demonstrated excellent skills and tremendous enthusiasm. As a telecommunications business, Vodacom has legal obligations to safeguard confidential customer data; the (Ubusha) solution helps us to be confident that there are no gaps in our risk management processes" - Trevor Owen, Executive Head of IT, Region South, Vodacom South Africa