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OID support and consulting

Ubusha Technologies is seeking to appoint a Consultant who will provide technical expertise in supporting OID within our clients’ environments.

This challenging role will include the following responsibilities:

Operational Tasks:

  • Ensure that all the OID related components are functional and that the system is available at all times
  • Engage in tasks to verify the consistency and integrity of directory data across the different sites
  • Day to day monitoring of performance metrics to make sure that directory response times comply with SLA's
  • Perform routine administration tasks such as creating system accounts, deleting system accounts and unlocking of locked accounts when required
  • Perform directory data analysis and generate reports such as may be required by Auditors
  • Participate in weekly checks to ensure the service is adequately patched and major components still enjoy vendor support
  • Respond to incidents logged by users:

      - Investigation of the problem and identification of the root cause of the problem

      - Resolving the problem (1 and 2nd level support), all 3rd level calls/incidents to be routed the OEM (Oracle)

      - If the call is routed to Oracle, the required monitoring and escalations to be done as per rules and SLAs

      - Reporting on all incidents as prescribed

      - Preparation of incident reports when required

  • Carry out scheduled technical recovery exercises to comply with BCM requirements
  • Configure OID (password policy, ACLs, etc.) as required by business


Integration Tasks:

  • Support end to end identity life cycle management 
  • Ensure that the user base in OID are in sync
  • Provide support and guidance with the technical integration of downstream systems such as Oracle Database                                          instances (generally known as End User Security) and applications deployed on Oracle WebLogic server domains


System Maintenance:

  • In tandem with the weekly patch checks, carry out any patches, minor, or major upgrades that may be deemed                                    necessary for the optimal and secure functioning of the directory service


To qualify for consideration, candidates must possess the following:


  • Completed Oracle certifications 
  • Tertiary IT-Related qualification preferred


A minimum of 2 years' work experience in the following:

  • OID (supporting, implementing or consulting) 
  • Linux
  • Deployment of software
  • Scripting in a Linux environment using Shell and Bash, and generating, following and updating technical procedures and evaluating results
  • Knowledge of Oracle IdAM products (OAM, OIF, OID, OVD, OUD, OIM)
  • Familiarity with Weblogic, LDAPs


  • Ability to work successfully in a team, independently and take initiative on tasks
  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Ability to quickly learn new software and IT concepts