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Ubusha is an information security service provider, specializing in protecting access to information through Identity, Access, Data Governance and Knowledge Management solutions. 

Ubusha begun in 2001 as an Identity Management systems integrator. Since then we have seen the industry mature from using these tools in automating the provisioning of user accounts and mailboxes, through to full featured security solutions.  The solutions included the managing of user accounts and access, to compliance and governance focused projects. In 2016 we expanded our focus to also look to our customers requirements around Knowledge Management and how content is created, stored and archived throughout its lifecycle.

Identity & Access Management solutions can be very broadly encompassing, and can mean many different things to different people. At Ubusha we prefer to talk about the solutions that we offer all in the context of how they protect “access” to your corporate “information”. This information exists in many places in your organization: enterprise applications, databases and infrastructure like file shares and sharepoint.

The solutions offered by Ubusha aim to either put in place the controls, or to monitor the controls that protect access to this information. 

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Ubusha provides Clicks with next generation access governance solution

In the modern business world, access governance is of critical importance to enterprises. Today, it is vital that organisations not only know who has access to what data, but also how these people were granted that access. After all, when employees, temporary employees, contractors and partners have inappropriate access to information resources, companies are subject to serious compliance and business risks. 

Ubusha provides Clicks with next generation access governance solution

    SailPoint Honors Top Partners

    SailPoint’s “Partner of the Year” awards recognize sales leadership in SailPoint’s key regional markets. The 2015 honorees were: Sila Solutions Group for the Americas, KOGIT GmbH for Europe, and Ubusha Technology Pty Ltd for Rest of World. IAM consultancy Identropy was named SailPoint’s “Rookie of the Year” for being the most successful partnership created in 2015.


    Mutual & Federal

    South African insurer Mutual & Federal needed better control over, and visibility into, system access in order to comply with national legislation, maintain customer confidence and avoid financial penalties. By deploying NetIQ Access Governance Suite, Mutual & Federal gained the ability to monitor and control user identities and access rights for all its business-critical applications through a single user-interface, helping it to manage and demonstrate regulatory compliance.