Ubusha is a member of the Aptronics Group of Companies.
Translated, Ubusha means “the beginning of something new” which captures the "can do" spirit and innovative nature of the company. Established in 2001, Ubusha has grown to become a multiple award winning market leader in the open source environment and is widely regarded as the South African leader in the identity management and management services with numerous enterprise solutions deployed across both the private and public sectors.

Ubusha has developed a strong market identity and a reputation for adding value through the application of best practices and a professional consulting base resulting in deployed and sustainable solutions that bring about a convergence of customers business and ICT expectations and objectives.
With strong BBBEE credentials and key partnerships, Ubusha has fed innovation in the industry, and combined with a passion for OSS and Linux, Ubusha plays an active role in the local IT community in the development and implementation of sustainable cross platform enterprise solutions.

Ubusha provides the industry with a vendor-agnostic business specialist, with a strong focus on providing value to its clients with a philosophy that expresses the belief that it's not the monetary value of the deal that defines success, but how far the client has moved in the right direction and that the move is sustainable.

With the financial uncertainty currently faced by both public and private sectors, Ubusha provides its customers with a unique opportunity to realise service and business benefits that reduce costs within their ICT environments.

With the adoption of an open framework that is flexible enough to meet an organisation's expectations,  the return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO) addresses the value propositions required by enterprises in these financially constrained times while promoting growth in more prosperous times.

By living up to it's reputation and position in the market place, Ubusha empowers its clients to innovate.