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Ubusha Technologies are an information security service provider, specializing in protecting access to information through Identity, Access and Data Governance solutions. Ubusha begin in business in 2001 as an Identity Management systems integrator. Since then we have seen the industry mature from using these tools to automate the provisioning of user accounts and mailboxes, through to full featured security solutions for managing user accounts and access in 2005, to compliance and governance focused projects over the last 3 years.

Identity & Access Management solutions can be very broadly encompassing, and can mean many different things to different people. At Ubusha we prefer to talk about the solutions that we offer all in context of how they protect “access” to your corporate “information”. This information exists in many places in your organization: enterprise applications, databases and infrastructure like file shares and sharepoint.

The solutions offered by Ubusha all aim to either put in place the controls, or to monitor the controls, that protect access to this information. 

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POPI will have a big impact on how your business does tech: here's how:

The Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) act is about ensuring the personal information of your employees, partners and customers is relevant and managed securely. In essence, you shouldn’t have any information about someone beyond that which you require for your business. Equally, you must take every reasonable measure to secure that information. 


    Importance of Privileged Account Management

    Around five years ago, identity management was the flavour of the month, which organisations were trying to implement. As this industry has matured, so companies have begun implementing access governance technologies, ensuring that the process of management, fulfilment and revoking of access privileges is now thoroughly managed, at least as far as people goes.


    Understanding why good governance is a necessity in the Cloud, a session with Martin D. Friedrickson

    NetIQ and Ubusha Technologies played host to world-renowned security expert, Martin D. Fredrickson, at an organised Access Governance event recently in Johannesburg, South Africa.